Affiliate Program

You are given access to a market-leading performance-based advertising campaign through our affiliate marketers' program. Performance advertising is straightforward; you earn a lot of money by introducing your audience to premium, distinctive travel packages and related services.

If you're brand-new to performance marketing and travel affiliate programs, we can offer you free training and support to help you succeed. Experienced marketers will appreciate our cutting-edge platform and real-time reporting features. To better suit your needs, you might be able to work out a bespoke insertion order with us.

  • You get compensated for utilizing your blog, website, email, and search landing page to connect with your audience through performance campaigns;
  • Depending on the specifics of our agreement, you might get payments every day via direct deposit into your bank account or other payment options of choice;
  • You will be compensated on a performance basis for advertising our tour packages and associated services; our system will keep track of the referrals;
  • In order to ensure that all of your referrals are tracked and that you receive real-time information, if you are an expert marketer, we provide the best controls and tracking tools.