When planning a safari tour in Africa, most people think about the incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes. But did you know that Africa is also a food lover’s paradise? From savory stews to exotic fruits, the continent’s diverse cuisine is sure to satisfy any palate. In this post, we’ll explore the best safari tours for foodies in Africa and highlight some of the most delicious local dishes you can try.


Kenya is known for its flavorful stews and grilled meats. A must-try dish is Nyama Choma, a grilled meat platter that includes beef, chicken, and goat. For a taste of the sea, try some fresh Swahili seafood, such as grilled prawns, crab, and lobster. Another local favorite is Ugali, a starchy side dish made from cornmeal.


Tanzanian cuisine is influenced by Indian, Arab, and African flavors. One of the most famous dishes is the Zanzibar Spice Soup, which features a medley of spices and seafood. For a snack, try the Zanzibar pizza, which is a spicy flatbread filled with vegetables and meat. Another local staple is Ugali, which is often served with stews and curries.

South Africa

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, and its cuisine reflects this diversity. One must-try dish is the Bobotie, a savory pie made with spiced minced meat and a custard topping. For a taste of the sea, try the Cape Malay-style pickled fish or the seafood paella known as a “potjie.” Another local specialty is the boerewors sausage, which is often grilled and served with chakalaka, a spicy relish.


Botswana’s cuisine is simple but flavorful, with lots of grilled meats and stews. One local specialty is the Seswaa, a slow-cooked beef or goat stew that’s often served with pap, a maize porridge. Another popular dish is the Morogo, a stew made with leafy greens and peanut butter.


Ugandan cuisine is heavily influenced by the country’s neighboring regions, such as Sudan and Kenya. One must-try dish is the Luwombo, a traditional dish that consists of marinated meat or fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. For a snack, try the Rolex, a popular street food that’s a combination of eggs, vegetables, and chapati bread. Another local favorite is the Matoke, a starchy side dish made from mashed plantains.


As you can see, Africa offers a wealth of culinary delights that are sure to please any foodie. Whether you’re a fan of spicy stews, grilled meats, or fresh seafood, there’s something for everyone on an African safari tour. So why not add a foodie twist to your next adventure and experience the local cuisine and culture of this incredible continent?